Beirut Greener is a project launched by the UNIC-Beirut with Feedback s.a.r.l on the 5th of June 2012 in the framework of Project green. The main goal of this project is to make Beirut a much beautiful city by transforming the neglected spaces into green spaces. Project Green was started up to make Beirut a greener place. There are environmental campaigns going on all around the world and we here at Feedback have joined in. Unlike most environmental projects that start big, we are starting small. We are looking for small pieces of land to be changed into green areas. Beirut is our target area for the time being and we hope to spread the trend to all ends of Lebanon in the near future.

Project Green started with strategic locations:


Already and yet others will follow shortly to cover main rural of Beirut which is consisted of more than 400,000 in terms of population. Our locations are in areas visited by more than 750.000 cars per week. viewed by an average of 95.000 residents. Every Message is viewed at least more than 14,000 time per a day. All faces have perfect Eye Level Exposure. Project Green is a contribution program where any Company, Brand or even Person can participate in enhancing some areas and developing them into a Greener Environment.