Project Green was started up to make Beirut a greener place. There are environmental campaigns going on all around the world and we here at Feedback have joined in. Unlike most environmental projects that start big, we are starting small. We are looking for small pieces of land to be changed into green areas.

Beirut is our target area for the time being and we hope to spread the trend to all ends of Lebanon in the near future. This project was founded by Dany Karam (CEO of Feedback,) and is now being managed by Tony Abi Rached (Project Manager of Project Green,) and Charbel Sader (Manager of VIVERDE and Project Engineer for Project Green.) Not only is the team made up of professionals, but you are getting top quality work and are doing a good deed at the same time.

Project Green is a team project, Feedback in association with Viverde, are working together to make the city a better place. There is also hope to put Beirut back on the world map as a clean, nice, well taken care of city. It is true we are starting off small but we also have hope that Project Green will be a very big project someday. When many small pieces of land are puzzled together they could end up being larger than any garden in the world. Our aim is to make Beirut a better place; better in looks and less in pollution! Not only does a small garden bring life, oxygen, and pleasance to a person, it also brings with it beauty. Instead of looking at buildings and concrete all day donate to this cause and find the beauty in life. From private gardens at home to public spaces on the streets we are here to make it all look better. Remember you don’t have to do something big to do something good. The small things in life are the things that truly matter. We at Project Green are only a dial or a click away.

Contact us to find out how you can help. We feel responsible for all pieces of land around Lebanon. If the piece of land is outside the Beirut district we can always put you in contact with a professional to get you the help you need. We do take on projects overseas.